At Pranava Group, we take the responsibility to society very seriously. We care for the communities we operate in. We regularly donate time to local causes and initiatives and provide financial support, skills, and resources to a wide range of organizations that strengthen our communities.


Improve School Infrastructure and Facilities for Children

We have adopted schools in villages of Telangana and provided infrastructural support like well-ventilated classrooms, sanitation, and facilities for the children so they flourish and learn in a healthy environment.


Educational Sponsorship

We have made education for the youth our mission. We sponsor higher education for students who are prepping for Civils, MBBS or pursuing higher education.

Our concern does not end at making them skilled for work, we also absorb suitably qualified people from amongst them into our workforce.


The business that Plant Trees

Pranava has undertaken an environmental initiative to plant trees in the villages of Telangana and also protect them with fencing as a part of our CSR. Tree plantation entails a plethora of benefits for the local community. This holistic initiative has a major role in transforming the rural economy and the environment.


Promoting Sports

Community Sports is one of the key strategies used to empower youth and also helps to identify and nurture talent among the rural communities. In this regard, the Company organized several sports tournaments especially cricket in the villages of Telangana to encourage the participation of youth in sporting activities.