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About Chairman

Mr Boorugu Ravi Kumar, founder of the Pranava Group has steered the group to its current growth curve. His commitment to quality and timely delivery and his passion towards overall development of the group has garnered enviable trust and good-will for the company.

" Compassionate in building the core team and make them align with his vision makes him a true business leader. his ability to manage finances has given a strength to the organisation as what is today. "

Chairman Message

Dear Friends,

I ventured into a Real estate with just one goal in mind and a single point focus. I wanted my structures to have not just bodies but have a soul too.  The structures, I believe, reflect the passion, dream and the dormant ideas of the team handling the project.  The land is the canvas on which we paint the art called structure. Every resident, who stays in the project is a testimony that we have built a masterpiece. The smile on their faces, the joy and laughter are the awards and rewards that keep pushing one to accept more challenges and scale newer heights.

" We as a team of well nurtures professionals invested in our core values with passion to the point that they have become a part of our culture. "

❖ I strongly believe that success is derived from the ability to lead, motivate, inspire, delegate and empower.

❖ We maintain strong financial discipline, highest levels of integrity and transparency at all our business cycle.

❖ We are now well equipped with the knowledge bank to set the right course for our next phase of growth.